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 Once you've chosen your venue....and of course 'who you intend spending the rest of you life with'....the most important aspect of any wedding celebration is the party! Therefore, you need an experienced, quality band that can fill your dance floor, and have everyone, no matter what their age, singing their hearts out!.........Enter 'The West Coast Heroes'

Described in Bride Magazine as "A Rock & Roll Band that happens to play weddings, rather than a wedding band trying to be a Rock & Roll Band", the band bring a euphoric energy to any party and are guaranteed to leave you and your guests begging for more come the end of the night! The south is known for its generosity and hospitality, this is why players who want to enjoy a friendly gaming experience and enjoy the southern hospitality have one place to go, and that place is Riverbelle Casino. Riverbelle mobile casino offers players that old fashion southern charm so they can enjoy a smooth and a warm gambling experience. Being classic and warm is one thing and offering players stats of the art games and software features is another thing. The casino caters to the needs of its players by providing them with a gaming content that is home to more than 400 of the finest Microgaming casino games; this is why players at Riverbelle Casino never get bored.



Getting the songs right for a wedding is essential and that's why the band don't have a pre-determined set list, instead, the pick their set list on the night in response to the nature of the crowd, age, vibe and of course their tastes! It would be no good playing Katy Perry to a crowd with an average age of 60 or Buddy Holly to a crowd in their 20's! The West Coast Heroes are masters of reading a crowd and choosing their set in order to pack your dance floor!



So in addition to the main evening party of your special day, the band are also able to offer a couple of fantastic options for the afternoon, whilst your guests are enjoying a welcome drink and canapés or maybe even during dinner. Prices start from £399 for the afternoon acoustic sets.


Fully Insured

Rest assured that The West Coast Heroes will be no hassle and will meet all the requirements that your venue throw at us, primarily involving Public Liability Insurance and PAT Certification. The band are fully insured for £10m and all equipment is annually PAT tested and certified. Our professional management will liaise directly with your venue and make sure they've got all the paperwork they need so you can concentrate on the important stuff


Free Disco

As standard, the band's live sets total 2 hours which means that there'll be gaps before, in between and after the main live sets! But Don't Worry!!! In addition to the two hours incredible live sets that the The West Coast Heroes provide, they'll also ensure that the party doesn't stop by providing a free disco service for those periods! One of the band looks after the playback and can call on a selection of over 5000 tracks, make announcements and take requests which means you don't need to hire a separate DJ, saving yourself over £350!


Pro Grade Sound & Lighting Equipment

Unlike a lot of bands, The West Coast Heroes are completely self contained so you don't have to worry about hiring in external production companies to supply sound and lighting equipment! The band bring literally everything!! Top quality professional lighting and sound equipment so our performance always sounds top notch! What's more, as our pricing is all inclusive, it's all included in the price with no hidden fees, something you'll find to be the case with a lot of agency bands!


Professional Management, No Agents Involved!

You'll book direct with our manager who has exclusive access to our diary so there's no risk of double bookings! You'll also get a hard copy contract so everyone's expectations are crystal clear and there's no surprises for you or the band.....such as 4000 red Skittles and 96 cans of Red Bull chilled to 3 degrees.......


Spread The Cost

Getting married is not only a massive commitment to each other, but it's often a big financial commitment too. That's why we offer you a variety of different payment options. In addition to our standard terms, we also offer either a 4-stage payment plan or a monthly payment plan, both completely interest free! Not only that but because it's a payment plan and not technically credit, there's no credit searches and it doesn't affect your credit rating and you're guaranteed to be accepted, 100%!

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Hopefully the above helps answer many of your wedding related questions but don't forget to check out our FAQ page and get in touch if you have any other queries....

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